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There are times when you have to see where life takes you. Take what's been done to you and grow from it. See how far it's gotten you. And see how far it'll take you. Live in the present, but also the past. And also the future.
I proudly present… THE ELYSIAN NETWORK.
This is a network for nature/vintage blogs.
You must be following me and Nicole.
Must post 80% nature/vintage.
You can reblog AND like this post for bookmarking, but only reblogs count for entering.
Apply here by providing a bit about yourself and why you want to join our network.
Meet new friends.
Get help with promos, edits and your daily going-ons.
All the basic network stuff.
Find new, spectacular blogs.
As of now, there is no limit on who will be accepted, it depends on how many people are interested.
If you get accepted, you will get a message from me or Nicole.
In that case, it would be appreaciated if you would follow at least 3+ of the network members (we all have amazing blogs, anyway!)
More members will be added later on.
As for the rest… we will take things as they come.
Cheers to making new friends and finding more blogs!